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Briefly on the Company

Green Public Lighting Zrt was founded in 2010 as a family business, participate in FBN-H (Family Business Network Hungary).

Our major goal is to make our existing and future partners understand and accept the new, environmentally friendly and economically profitable technologies whether new or modernization projects are concerned. In addition to public lighting, of course, we are prepared to provide our customers other services and satisfy their needs in construction and development of electric grids including design, preparation and execution of the project.

Our company has a department in Slovakia since 2013, to help the local governments improve their energy rationalization.

100% Carbon Neutral Company
100% Carbon Neutral Company Certificate No.: BCO-20210928-0127


Modernization of Public Lighting for Self-governments

Motto: “The cheapest energy is the unconsumed energy”

In Europe, in majority of the Self-governments the situation is ripe for full or partial modernization of the public lighting, since, considering the current technical level, bigger part of the currently used lighting equipment is uneconomic. Since the settlements fight with lack of resources, our company offers a construction that:
1.) provides a transparent and calculable financial accounting to our partners;
2.) does not require resources from the Self-governments, the investments returns from the saving;
3.) Self-governments do not have any risk because the credit is borrowed by GREP Zrt;
4.) we offer our partners the most suitable and best product in terms of price/value that can be obtained in the market. Possible technical solutions of modernization of the public lighting networks

1.) Modernization of luminaries
Replacement of obsolete luminaries with up-to-date luminaries of good light utilization. These can be, depending on the concrete place, LED or modern sodium lamps.

2.) Luminous flux regulation of public lighting
The so called night regulation of luminous flux provides stabilized voltage on the modern public lighting networks where luminaries with good light utilization are installed and luminous flux is regulated in accordance with the needs of the traffic. This means that during night periods with less traffic public lighting is operated with less energy intake. Either regulation with installed equipment by transformer regions or individual light points are applied. This results in a saving of 30-40% in the capacity intake between 22.00 and 05.00 o’clock (without noticeable deterioration of illumination). With this intervention light contamination of the environment and the inclination for high-speed driving generated by “overlighting” can be significantly reduced. This solution is expressly expected by EU standard EN 13201.

Contractual construction
In this construction Self-government will conclude a contract with GREP Zrt for the supply of public lighting for a definite period of time where GREP Zrt guarantees a cost of public lighting less then the current cost level thus undertaking the financial risk of the investment. During the contractual period GREP Zrt is obliged to take care of the operation of the active elements (luminaries). Obligation of the Self-government under the contract is merely the payment of the reduced costs of public lighting.