News about Green Public Lighting Co. LTD.



GREP Green Public Lighting Zrt. is a Hungarian family business founded in 2010 and a member of FBN, the Association of Responsible Family Businesses. Their main objective is to make new, modern, environmentally friendly and economically viable technologies as widely known and accepted as possible by their existing and future partners, whether for new installations or modernisation projects. In this way, they can contribute to achieving our country's climate protection efforts under the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement." - said József Makra, Chairman of the company's Board of Directors.

The company has offset the carbon footprint of its operations by purchasing carbon credits. The interesting thing about this carbon neutrality is that the shadow carbon footprint created by the company's developments and activities has allowed them to credit the international registry with many more carbon credits than the amount of carbon credits needed to offset their own carbon footprint. As a result, they can sell just over 4,000 tCO2eq of carbon credits. This is in addition to an additional order of magnitude of about a thousand tonnes per year. The implementation of the projects was verified by independent experts at iCC and audited by the BOCS Foundation for Civilisation Planning. The funds raised from the sale of carbon credits can be used to launch new and additional climate protection projects. After all, that's the point of the voluntary carbon market, everyone benefits and there is a measurable, indisputable climate impact for all those who produce and those who buy carbon credits.