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The cheapest energy

is the unconsumed energy.

Garanteed lighting, garanteed savings

Our major goal is to make our existing and future partners understand and accept the new, environmentally friendly and economically profitable technologies whether new or modernization projects are concerned.

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Érd Megyei Jogú Város közvilágításának korszerűsítése LED-es közvilágítási lámpatestek alkalmazásával


A GREP Zrt. nyerte Érd Megyei Jogú Város 8767 db közvilágítási lámpatestjének korszerűsítését!



Effective from 1th of May, Mr. Eugen Wirth took over the role of the CEO for the GREP Slovakia Ltd., the slovak representatieve of the GREP group. 

Our solutions

In Europe, in majority of the Self-governments the situation is ripe for full or partial modernization of the public lighting, since, considering the current technical level, bigger part of the currently used lighting equipment is uneconomic.